Call for Topics

We’re looking for topics for upcoming Refresh meetups. If you have something to suggest, please post to the comments below (indicate whether you can lead the discussion, or if it is something you’d like to see discussed by some one else).

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4 Responses to “Call for Topics”

  1. Corey Brown says:

    I would like to volunteer Aaron Collegeman (if he’s up for it) to lead a discussion on Coreylib.

  2. Paul Singh says:

    I’ll volunteer myself to talk about the idea of the “lean back office” and how it applies to early/late stage web startups. The overall concept is that, at their core, 85% of every startup is the same — they all need to deal with IT, billing, invoicing, accounting, operations, etc. Rather than reinvent the wheel for all of the back office functions, they should be applying their limited resources (time, money, engineers) to the 15% that makes them different.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Corey! I’d be happy to do this just as soon as I have time to get the coreylib documentation up to snuff.

  4. John Mangino says:

    I’s like to see something about IPv6. Curious about it.