RefreshCast Beta – IPtv OR Does Anyone Really Know What’s Going On Here?

RefreshCast is a conversation between Winchester, VA locals discussing their takes on the latest technology issues and how they relate to the community.

This is episode beta.

What started as simply as test of Skype turned into a show with guest Josh Cheshire. What he had to say regarding this article and the future of streaming TV in general was so good I felt it a crime to simply delete.

Two things have kept this from officially being show #1.
1 – The levels are severely out of balance.
2 – An almost complete lack of preparation. (Remember this was supposed to be Skype testing)

All of which are being addressed.

Still, with that caveat aside I give the first RefreshCast.

Download the MP3.

View the video.

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6 Responses to “RefreshCast Beta – IPtv OR Does Anyone Really Know What’s Going On Here?”

  1. DJ Lein says:

    Nice work here gentlemen!

    Video requiring Quicktime 7.2 = a tad annoying. #justsayin

  2. Josh Cheshire says:

    *LOVE* the editing of the intro. Bravo, John.

    And Lein, no one wants to see our Skype’d faces anyway. 😉

  3. John Mangino says:

    Sorry about that DJ. It will change when I get the blip channel up. Which will be momentarily.

  4. Viqui Dill says:

    Great work, guys. (Consider hair and make-up next time. Just kidding.)

    Good local content. Useful to folks like me. Thanks again.

  5. Joey Blake says:

    Just got to watching, nicely done guys.

  6. Gannon says:

    Very cool. Great to see this up and running.