Refresh Interviews: Get to Know Your Community

At our last session we talked about what Refresh Winchester is: how it came to be, and where it’s going. We all agreed that while no member is a stranger to any other, we’re all mostly fuzzy on what everyone else does. Not just what we do to earn a buck, but what we’re passionate about! What gets us out of bed every day? What are we creating? What do we do to have a good time?

At our next session we’ll be recording video interviews with every member. (Don’t worry, we’ll use a script to get you started!) The videos will be posted on the Refresh website where all members – current and future – will have a one stop shop for learning more about our community. We’ll also be shooting mug shots for something like this awesome staff page.

Can’t make it to the next Refresh, but want to participate?

Record your own interview, post it on Youtube, and send us a link.

Next, you need to shoot 10 mugshots of yourself — head and shoulders, nothing more. The first two shots should be of you looking directly at the camera: one normal pose, and one funny pose. Then, shoot 8 more photos: look up, look down, look left, look right, and look in each of the diagonal directions that fall between. In each of those poses make sure to look in the direction you’ve turned your head, and not at the camera. Go here for inspiration. Put the photos in a Flickr album, and send us the link.

We know there are lots of option out there, but please use Youtube and Flickr.


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