Prototype Your Next Idea

PrototypeGetting a new web-based idea in front of people has taken on many forms over the years. Paper prototyping, wireframes, and even basic coded prototypes have all been used, with varying success and reaction.

Prototyping has become easier – if you know how to code – with the adoption of Twitter Bootstrap, APIs and Javascript frameworks.

But if you don’t have coding experience (or Photoshop experience), or just don’t have the time, there’s a new brand of tools and approaches to getting your idea in front of people. And with that, the validation you need that your idea work (or the feedback you need when it doesn’t). If you can sketch something on a napkin, you can make a prototype. How cool is that?

Join us at this month’s Refresh Winchester meetup as we take a look at tools like Solidify and Invision, walk through some demos, and even create a prototype on the fly. We’ll cover user tests and reviewing data on interactions too.

Be sure to RSVP, bring your favorite beverage for you and to share, and bring a friend.


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